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The Key to your ideal body – it’s FREE


We spend so much time and money exercising and fretting about how to flatten our stomachs and shift those pounds, but what if I told you that the best weapon you have in the fight against flab is already at your disposal,

is free, and

if you even use it at all you probably abuse it, sabotaging your own chances of success.


Why is what I’m about to share with you the single most important principle in the quest for a healthy weight/shape?


Quite simply because the relationship you have with yourself dictates your life, and everything in it – including your weight.


A recent study by York University (Toronto) confirms that excessive weight is “actually much more complex than just ‘energy in’ versus ‘energy out.’”


So what is this elusive key?  Your inner dialogue.


Think about how you speak to yourself on a daily basis.  Do you call yourself stupid and feel angry at yourself for forgetting where you put the keys?  When you work out, do you think “Wow, look how much stronger and more flexible I’m getting, and my waist is really starting to take shape” or is it more “Gross, I wish my cellulite would just go away, I bet it never will?”


Do you speak to your children like this?

How would you feel if you heard them speaking to themselves like it?

Remember, you are their example of how to be, and they see, hear and feel much more than you are often aware of.


I sometimes refer to this principle as ‘The First Starfit Commandment,’ which is ironic because the first biblical commandment is “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”


Let me explain.

I’d like you to think of ‘God’ as whatever that means to you.  Regardless of your religious faith, spiritual faith, or atheistic beliefs, there is (scientifically proven) no division between us as energetic individuals and the environment in which we live.  Everything in the universe is made of exactly the same matter (energy).


Therefore, by ‘God,’ I mean you.


Christianity: “The kingdom of God is within you.”

Islam: “He who knows his own self, knows God”

Sikh: “Why search Him without?”

Judaism: “what we know…are but one unified substance”

Hinduism: “It is impossible to find God outside of ourselves”

Buddhism: “Buddhahood is already present in all life.”


Thus the thoughts you produce are just an extension of your physical self, and, like the physical world around us, everything is constantly moving – in essence, either growing or dying.


Let’s think of your world like your garden.  Your mind is the centre of your garden (your soil), and your thoughts are the seeds you plant in it.  Your life and the people in it are the plants you have cultivated.

If you plant, and water, seeds of negativity, frustration and criticism, how can you expect beautiful, healthy flowers to grow?  It is the same for how you think of your body, and how your body looks.

Every cell in your body knows how you think of it, and responds accordingly.  Sounds kooky but it’s true.  Would you want to work diligently for a harsh taskmaster who criticizes everything about you?  No, neither does your body.  It’s no coincidence that constantly stressing about your stubborn belly fat causes the release of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, which increase blood sugar levels and encourages the accumulation of guess what?  Belly fat.


Being stressed is just your body in ‘fight or flight’ mode, and the longer you feed the frustration, the more serious your health complications will be as a result, and the longer the effect they will have on your body, from immune issues to obesity.


I know this is easier said than done, trust me, everyone has at least something they dislike about themselves, and you’re not suddenly going to love your cellulite, but we can also all find something to appreciate, whether your belly fat is half the size it was this time last year, or your arms are changing shape, and that is your starting point.  So what’s the process?

1. Find something positive about yourself and hold it in your mind.


2. Remember this is about you, and your world, so don’t be tempted to compare yourself to others.  Finding something that is ‘better’ about you than someone else is just another way of creating negative vibes, and is not conducive to good relations with that person!


3.  Visualise your end result, don’t think of it with contempt because you’re scared of not achieving it.  Picture specifics and really imagine how you’ll feel when you’re rocking your new bod.


3. Choose wisely over that which you have control, and don’t stress about that which you don’t. Shouting at the rain because you didn’t take an umbrella out won’t stop it from falling, and won’t make you feel any better either.  Remember the cortisol and the belly fat? I.e. You can not grow longer legs.


4. When you find that your mind starts drifting off to pastures negative, gently exhale, and bring it back to the positive.  This takes practice -you won’t master it overnight, but stick with it, it’s worth it. 


5. Collect good thoughts:  When you find/think one, add it to your mental jar of positive self-thoughts, don’t let it escape.


6. Make sure you’re on the right track – do you really know what you should be eating?  Are you training in the most efficient way/s?


7. Have Faith If you’ve set your garden up with all the right conditions, then the flowers will grow.  Release the outcome and trust. You can’t see the daffodils growing underground in Winter, but sure enough, come Spring, they’re out all their glory J


If you only take three points from this article:


  • Start from a position of Love & keep bringing yourself back to it


  • To be beautiful, think beautifully!


  • If you want your body to respond positively, feed it positive thoughts!


Other than that; Set Goals, Sleep, Eat, Exercise, Hydrate & Be Kind!!

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