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How many times have you heard the phrase 'abs are made in the kitchen?'  

Well, that's not technically true; visible, toned abs, or indeed any healthy, shapely body part are a result of a combination of both good nutrition and the right type of training.


The importance of what you put into your body should not be underestimated.  

Your 'diet' really is your lifeline.  

It determines your energy levels, your physical performance, the longevity of your life, and ultimately, your overall state of health.  


Do you know that most of what the average person believes they should be eating is incorrect?

50% of well-known, published nutrition 'facts' and advice are WRONG.  


For example, did you know that most 'low fat' labelled foods are really quite bad for you?  Apart from its various, underplayed, health benefits, fat flavours food.  If fat is removed from food it is naturally present in, what is added to make it flavoursome, and therefore still marketable?  Usually sugar, salt, and nasty artificial chemicals. Don't be tricked by expensive foods with misleading green packaging, professing to be 'health foods.'
Save your money as well as your health!


My main focuses are:
1. Education:  So that you can consistently make your own, informed choices, to improve the quality of your life and those for who you care.  

(Don't your children deserve the best possible chance of a long, healthy life?)

2. The least disruption to your usual dietary patterns, making it the most comfortable transition for you.  This in turn means you are more likely to stick to any positive lifestyle changes you make.



Thanks to the media, we are surrounded by fad diets and fad exercise regimes promising miraculous results most of which are short term and long term very unhealthy!


 This is why we at STARFIT are so passionate about what we do!


Our focus is on educating our clients so that they can take ownership of their health, fitness & wellbeing!



We Don't promise quick fix solutions or unrealistic unsustainable weight loss but we do guarantee results!


Nutrition Analysis Report
100.00 GBP

A personalised in-depth Nutrition Report based on a 5 day food diary

A personalised example Meal Plan

Advice & Support tailored to your individual dietary considerations and/or medical deficiencies

1/2 price with 12 session PT booking
FREE with 24 session PT booking

Nutrition Analysis Report
Full Health MOT
150.00 GBP

1x Body composition scan (body fat %, muscle mass & visceral fat %)

A personalised in-depth nutrition analysis report based on a 5 day food diary

A personalised example meal plan

Advice & support tailored to your individual dietary considerations and/or medical deficiencies

Full Health MOT
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