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Why train with me?

I invest in myself.  I never stop striving to learn and improve, to be the best I can; for you


I believe in the latest research, not the latest fads


I promote long term health, not short term fixes


I take your health seriously.  Do you?


The Studio!


My exclusive, private studio is in the grounds of a beautiful farm in Hertfordshire.  

It was specially chosen and created to deliver the most inspiring surroundings, to make our time together as enjoyable as possible.  

We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy indoor and outdoor space, so we can make the most of the weather, and type of activity we are doing that day.


There is a bathroom with shower and toilet facilities for your convenience, as well as a kitchen area

guaranteed off-road, secure parking at all times.


I also have a sofa in the studio, for the comfort of any breastfeeding new mums.

1:1 Personal Training

Let's take a look at your fitness/weight loss journey:


Where are you now?  

Where would you like to be?


Together we will sit down and address these questions, as well as the barriers that have stopped you from getting there so far.


I will:

  • create an individualised plan to tailored to your needs & goals
  • carry out a Full Body Composition Analysis which we'll monitor weekly
  • offer you an in-depth Nutritional Analysis Report

Let's get started!  

Group Training

Prefer to work out with a buddy?  No problem!


Sometimes it's nice to have a familiar face to walk that fitness/weight loss journey with you.


Various group training options are available, please contact me for more details



Thanks to the media, we are surrounded by fad diets and fad exercise regimes promising miraculous results most of which are short term and long term very unhealthy!


 This is why we at STARFIT are so passionate about what we do!


Our focus is on educating our clients so that they can take ownership of their health, fitness & wellbeing!



We Don't promise quick fix solutions or unrealistic unsustainable weight loss but we do guarantee results!


PT Single Session
50.00 GBP

One hour Personal Training session

PT Single Session
12 PT Session Block Booking
480.00 GBP

12x session block booking (£40 per session to be used within 6 weeks*)

NB Nutrition Analysis Report is 1/2 price with a 12 session block booking

12x PT Session Block Booking
24 PT Session Block Booking
900.00 GBP

24x session block booking (£37.50 per session to be used within 12 weeks*)

NB Nutrition Analysis Report is FREE with a 24 session block booking

24 PT Session Block Booking

*Why do I specify block bookings to be used within a specific timeframe?

Because you're here for results, and I can't effectively help you achieve that if I see you less than twice a week.  This is because typically, to focus on all your body parts we will focus more on your upper body during one session, and your lower body in the other.  Or, sometimes we will split one session into purely fat-burning cardio, and the other into body sculpting.


Other packages are available, please contact me for more options.


Please note that refunds are not available for sessions not taken during the stated time frames.

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